sobota, 11 stycznia 2014

Dear English Speaker

Is your native language English? Or it is your second/third/tenth language? If you don't speak Polish you will not have much of use from this blog. I write without Polish special letters and google transaltor does not interpret my writing correctly - sorry.
Let me briefly tell you what is this blog about. It is about my 2 years long adventure in Afghanistan. It is personal and honest. I write about my experiences, problems, emotions and places. I mostly don't write about people - out of respect or lack of respect.
You can read here about my travel to Bamyain, changing jobs, being harassed, mean people, good people, nice moments, bad moments. I will start writing in English on my semi-official website, which is not officially ON yet but if you would like to read something more, this should be the place to start: Sharing thoughts - it is in English and I was trying to be smart ;).



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